Webcam JVCU100 USB-A HD Webcam

j5create  JVCU100 is a USB-A Plug & Play Webcam with Built-In Microphone.

JVCU100 is Cost Effective for Notebook Camera upgrade for Video Conference.

• Supports Windows / mac OS / Chrome OS Systems.

Compatible to Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams …….etc

 j5create  JVCU100 provides 80 degree Field-of-View with 360 Rotation.

 H.264/MJPEG Video Resolution : 1920 X 1080 @ 30 fps

Power Requirements : Operation (60mA/0.3W)

 1 Year Limited Warranty.

• j5create JVCU100 –  In Stock, Subject to Sale 

• Demo Unit Available for Testing at our Office.

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