Speaker Phone Calisto 5200 Wired & Wireless

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• Calisto 5200 is a Wired USB Speaker Phone for Computers.

• Calisto 5200 is a Portable Personal Speaker Phone.

• Calisto 5200 Connects to PC via USB-A & Mac via USB-C.

• Calisto 5200 Connects to Mobile & Tablet via 3.5mm Connector.

• Calisto 5200 provides Quick, Easy Effortless Connection.

• Calisto 5200 Microphone has 360 Degree Room Coverage.

• Calisto 5200 is Compact Size, Plug and Play Personal Speaker Phone.

• Calisto 5200 has up to 30 Hours Talk-Time Connected to Mobile or Tablet.

• Easy to Use, Simple Single Touch Controls for Call Handling.

Current P5200 Firmware Version : 97

2 Years Limited Warranty.

 • Demo Unit Available for Testing at our Office. Check the article.

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