Voyager 5200 CD Office

Plantronics – Poly Voyager 5200 CD Office Headset

Comes in Two Models V5200 CD and V5200M CD

 M-Version is Microsoft Teams Certified. 

Voyager 5200 Headset uses Bluetooth v4.1

Voyager 5200 CD Base uses Bluetooth v5.0

• Connectivity to Desk Phone via Phone Headset Port.

• Connectivity to PC/Mac via USB-A or USB-C.

• Connectivity to Mobile & Tablets via Bluetooth

• Voyager 5200 has Four Adaptive Microphones for Better Noise Reduction.

• Voyager 5200 has Six Layers of Wind Smart Technology.

• Voyager 5200 with Base has Roaming Range Up to 75 meters

• Audio Protection against Audio Spikes above 118dBA.

Current B5200 Headset Firmware Version : 510 

Current B5200 D Base Firmware Version : 323 

2 Years Limited Warranty.

• Voyager 5200 CD Office –  In Stock, Subject to Sale 

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