Polycom Studio USB Video Conferencing Bar

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Polycom Studio is a USB Plug & Play Audio/Video Conferencing Solution.

• Polycom Studio is Simple to Deploy & Ideal for Small Rooms and Huddle Spaces.

Polycom Studio is Plug & Play and Connects to PC/Notebook via USB-A Port.

• Polycom Studio is Compatible with any Application that Supports Standard USB Audio & Video Drivers.

Polycom Studio uses 6-Element Beam Forming Microphone Array and 4K Camera.

• Polycom Studio is equipped with Full Duplex Conversation, Acoustic Clarity, Noise Block,  Acoustic Fence Technology providing Clearer Audio.

Polycom Studio has USB-C, Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5mm Stereo Audio Input  Interfaces.

• Polycom Studio can be used with Mobile as a Conference or Bluetooth Speaker.

Optional Extended Microphone Modules to Extend Coverage.

• Polycom Studio – Not Stocked, Indent Only.

• Demo Unit Available for Testing at our Office.

Noise Block Demo 

Acoustic Fence Demo 

Speaker Tracking

Speaker Tracking Demo

Adjust Camera & Set Preset

Bluetooth Pairing to Mobile

Enabling Camera Tracking

Volume & Mute Adjustment

Polycom Companion App

Companion Screen Shoot