Savi 8210 / 8210-M Office

• Plantronics – Poly – Savi 8210 is a DECT Monaural Wireless Headset System.

Plantronics – Poly – Savi 8210 – Model W8210 and W8210-M.

• Savi 8210 is Certified for Skype for Business and is Teams Enabled.

• Desk Phone Connectivity via Phone Headset Port.

Desk Phone Remote call Answer/End via EHS Cable or Handset Lifter.

• Mobile/Tablet Connectivity via Bluetooth 4.2 to Savi Base.

Savi has Conferencing Feature (Up to 3 Additional Headsets) and 64-Bit DECT Security.

• W8210 has Noise Cancelling Microphone and up to 180 meters Wireless Range.

• W8210 has Close Conversation Limiting  feature to Limit Nearby Conversation

W8210 has One Touch Call Answer/End/Flash, Mute & Volume +/-

Savi 8210 Headset weighs 115 grams with up to 13 Hours Talk-Time  

Replaceable Battery pack.

• Audio Protection against Audio Spikes above 118dBA.

Installation & Training is Provided for DECT Wireless Headsets.

Current W8210 Headset Firmware Version : 3850 

Current W8210 USB Firmware Version : 3863 

Current W8210 Bluetooth Firmware Version : 0306 

2 Years Limited Warranty.

• Savi 8210A – In Stock, Subject to Sale

• Savi 8210A-M – In Stock, Subject to Sale

Demo Unit Available for Testing at our Office

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Close Conversation Limiting

Replacing Battery

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