Plantronics Blackwire BW7225

• Blackwire 7225 USB-A or USB-C Headset for Windows or Mac OS.

• Blackwire 7225 is a Corded Boomless Active Noise Cancelling Binaural Headset.

• Blackwire 7225 is Built for UC Applications & Softphones from Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and more….

• BW7225 Noise Cancelling Wideband Headset for PC Telephony.

• BW7225 Binaural Headset are fitted with Leatherette Foam Ear Cushion.

• BW7225 One Touch Call Answer/End, Volume +/- and Mute.

• BW7225 Ultra Comfortable Fit for All Day Use and Long Conference Calls..

• Audio Protection Against Audio Spikes Above 118dBA.

2 Years Limited Warranty.

Current BW7225 Firmware Version : 1046

• BW7225 USB-A (Black) – In Stock, Subject to Sale

• BW7225 USB-C – Not Stocked, Indent Only.

• Demo Headset Unit Available for Testing at our Office.

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